Using App Elevation in UWP Apps

AppElevation is a feature by which UWP apps can elevate themselves to get  higher privileges. This can include administrator privileges to perform tasks that are otherwise not possible from the UWP sandbox. This is accomplished using allowElevation restricted capability. In this article we shall see how we can elevate a UWP app using this feature. TheContinue reading “Using App Elevation in UWP Apps”

Calling C++ methods from C#.Net via .Net Interop

Interopearability ( or simply, Interop) is a prominent feature provided by the .Net framework to access unmanaged code from managed code. Applications written in C++/COM etc are called undamaged code  where as code written in .Net is called managed code. Managed code run under CLR(The Common Luggage Run Time ) is called managed code. SoContinue reading “Calling C++ methods from C#.Net via .Net Interop”

Flyweight Design Pattern

Flyweight pattern is used to reduce the number of objects created and therefore to reduce the memory footprint and increase performance. Memory foot print is the memory used by a program.  This pattern recommends using already existing objects and create new ones only when needed so that you can save memory. The below sample codeContinue reading “Flyweight Design Pattern”

UDP data receive issue

As I mentioned in another post, UDP communication is not connection-oriented and is not reliable. If packets are lost, we will have to implement the logic to resend the lost packets whereas all these details are handled internally by TCP. This post is about an issue I faced recently when I was working on aContinue reading “UDP data receive issue”

UDP Communication between Windows and Raspberry Pi

UDP(User Datagram Protocol) is a protocol used for establishing low-latency connections on the Internet.It is sometimes used as an alternative to TCP(Transmission Control Protocol ). UDP sends data as packets and involves lower bandwidth.It is a connectionless protocol so  packets may be lost during transmission. TCP is connection-oriented protocol which needs dedicated connection between theContinue reading “UDP Communication between Windows and Raspberry Pi”